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Zen Space™ Decorative Hanging Bulb

Zen Space™ Decorative Hanging Bulb

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Certainly! Let me introduce you to the Zen Space™ Type-C Rechargeable Camping Lamp—a versatile companion that illuminates your adventures with flair. 🌟



  1. Type-C Rechargeable: Say goodbye to disposable batteries! The LuminaCord charges swiftly via a Type-C port, ensuring you’re always ready for the next escapade.
  2. Tri-Light Modes:
    • Soft Glow: Set the mood with a gentle, ambient glow—perfect for storytelling around the campfire.
    • Focused Beam: Need to find your way? Switch to the powerful beam mode for clarity in the darkest corners of the forest.
    • Emergency SOS: When the unexpected strikes, activate the SOS mode to signal for help—a lifeline in the wilderness.

Product Name - Zen Space™ Decorative Hanging Bulb with 3 Modes Tent Lamp for Camping

 Package Contain - Pack of 2


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